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Table setting Snakeday 2022

- Names exhibitors and their table numbers updated on 27-9-2022
- Floor plan Hall 1
- Floor plan Hall 2
- Floor plan Hall 3 Venomous snakes

Table reservation
for Snakeday 2022

You want to reserve one or more tables?
We are sorry for you, but all tables on the Snake Day are booked.

Did you already reserved tables and would you like to contact us? Preferably do this by e-mail at

Marc can also be reached by phone at
tel. +31 653 510 069.


Welcome to the website of the European Snake Society.

Ticket sales for the Snakeday of 9 October 2022
again at EXPO Houten, Meidoornkade 24, 3992 AE Houten, Netherlands

By clicking on the order button below you will be linked to the EXPO Houten ticket website.

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pijl_rechts Free ticket

Our members received an invitation for the Snakeday together with Litteratura Serpentium No. 2. On the back side is a unique code with which they can order their free ticket. This code can be used only once.

pijl_rechts Snakeday Regulations

Every visitor to the Snakeday declares to adhere to the Snakeday Regulations