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Increase of membership fee

Since the introduction of the euro, 17 years ago, the contribution has always been unchanged. However, due to increasing shipping costs, we had to raise the membership fee to  35.00 for our members outside The Netherlands, starting 1st of January 2018.



The fee for the membership of the European Snake Society is, starting with January 2018, 35,- per calendar year. Your membership allows you free entrance to the famous Dutch Snake Day each year in October in Houten (Utrecht). Moreover you'll receive the herpetological magazine Litteratura Serpentium four times per year.

You can apply for a membership by filling in the subscription form and send it by mail to the Treasurer, or scan the signed form and send it via e-mail.

Don't forget to clearly mention when you want to start your membership: if you want to join us for the current year, or if you wish to start with the next year.

We appreciate it when you are a European member already, to also authorize us to yearly debit the membership fee from your bank account (no transfer costs).
Please, print and sign the authorization form and send it to the Membership Administration, or make a scan and send it by e-mail.

Please inform the Membership Administration in time in case of change of address.
Termination of membership must be sent ro the Membership administration before November 1 of the current year.

Treasurer and Membership administration:
Marijke de Jong
Terp 15
9081 AV Lekkum
The Netherlands