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Table reservation Snakeday

Those who want to make a table reservation for the Snakeday, may contact Marc Krikke, preferably by e-mail at
You will receive a conformation within about a week.
Marc can also be reached by phone nr. +31 653 510 069. Questions about a reservation that has been confirmed already, can also be directed to Marc.

The size of the tables is 160 x 80 cm.
The price per table is € 32,00.
Members of the ESS receive a 50% discount on this price for the first table. The normal rate applies to the second and subsequent tables.

European regulations when buying, selling or exchanging snakes
- Regulations for snakes on Annexes A, B, C and D
- Declaration of transfer for Annex B
- Snakes on Annexes A, B, C and D


Snakeday 2022

The next Snakeday will be held on Sunday 9 October 2022.

Those who want to reserve one or more tables for Sunday 9 October 2022, can contact Marc Krikke from 1 July 2022, preferably by e-mail at Marc can also be reached by phone, tel. +31 653 510 069. Questions about a reservation that has already been confirmed, can also be directed to Marc.

A few weeks before the Snakeday at a list will be published of the exhibitors with their table numbers.

The address is Meidoornkade 24, Houten. If you travel by car choose exit Houten on the A27 and follow the signs for the industrial park Doornkade. The Snakeday opens at 10:00 o’clock and closes at 16:30 hours. Admission is free for members of the European Snake Society and their children in the age under 12 years, provided they bring the original entrance ticket sent with Litteratura Serpentium. The entrance fee for non-members has been increased to € 10.00.

During the Snakeday you can obtain information at the Society stand and buy back volumes of Litteratura Serpentium or renew your membership of the society. There will be stands of commercial dealers and hobbyists offering snakes, terrariums, terrarium equipment, books, food animals, etc.

Cash withdrawal at the Snakeday will be possible in limited quantities at the Society stand and sometimes at pet shop stands.
The nearest banks with ATM are at ‘Het Rond’ square in front of the Central Station of Houten.

It is possible to buy and sell snakes at the Snakeday, but under certain strict conditions:
- Make sure that you have all necessary documents to import and/or export the snakes you intend to bring or take back with you. If you bring snakes, bring export permissions (CITES or transfer certificates) with them. PLEASE NOTE: for Annex B animals (including boas, pythons and Asian cobras) you must not only have a transfer certificate to demonstrate that the animal concerned has been bred in the EU, but you must now be able to demonstrate this for the parents of the animal too. --> declaration_of_transfer_annex_b_animals_2020.docx
- Bringing and selling of the indigenous Dutch species Coronella austriaca, Natrix helvetica and Vipera berus is only allowed with a declaration of origin proving they are captive bred.
- Please, handle the snakes as little as possible during the Snakeday; make sure they are (and stay!) packaged securely during transport and during the Snakeday.
- It is not permitted to bring other animals than snakes apart from food animals like mice, rats, rabbits, quail and chickens.

Rules for venomous snakes
For safety reasons there are special rules to be obeyed in the venomous snake area:
- Venomous snakes are only allowed in the special venomous snake section of the building.
- Venomous snakes may not be transported in bags and must be housed individually in solid, transparent or partly transparent containers. The lid of each container must be sealed with broad tape so that no gaps are left between the lid and the container.
- Each container should be marked 'VENOMOUS' or 'GIFTIG', together with the scientific name of the snake.
- It is strictly forbidden to open boxes with venomous snakes during the Snakeday. Ventilation holes may not be so large as to allow the animal to escape or bite or spit people.
- It is not allowed to offer more than one venomous snake in a single container otherwise the organisers will confiscate the snakes for the duration of the Snakeday.
- If you transport several containers at once, they must be carried together in a bag or box.
- It is not allowed to take venomous snakes out of the venomous snake area unless for direct transport to outside the building. If you bought venomous snakes and intend to spend some more time at the Snakeday, a snake crèche is available, where you can leave your venomous snakes (free of charge) during the rest of the Snakeday.
- In the venomous snakes area, the rules for venomous snakes are also applicable to non-venomous snakes.
- Snakes that are not packed adequately can be seized by the organisation during the Snakeday for reasons of safety. The snakes will be returned at the end of the Snakeday. The definition of adequately is to be determined by the organisation.
- Children under the age of 16 years only have access to the venomous snake section under supervision of an adult. Small children under the age of 5 years have no access to the venomous snake section. Also, baby carriages and buggies are not allowed.

These rules will be implemented strictly. The organizers have the right to confiscate animals for the duration of the Snakeday when the rules are not adequately obeyed. The definition of adequately is up to the organizers. Your presence on the Snakeday means that you accept all rules and regulations.

Finally we want to inform you that in all areas with snakes smoking and the use of alcoholic drinks are not allowed. The European Snake Society is not responsible for any kind of loss, damage or injury incurred during the Snakeday.

The European Snake Society is not responsible for loss and/or theft of goods and animals. The responsibility for the health of the offered or purchased or exchanged animals is entirely with the seller and buyer. This also applies to the quality of all other items offered on the Snakeday.

We count on your kind cooperation and we wish you a pleasant and valuable stay at the Snakeday.